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Phillip Adler has been training me for about a year. I am a guy who has experienced significant improvement in strength, flexibility, and endurance; something you would expect. What sets Phillip apart from the others is his intuitiveness, motivational style, and concrete results. I feel more confident and my reduction in physical pain allows me to experience a great deal more joy in my life and for this I am grateful to Phillip.

C.J. Burns, Jr. 

Phil Is a very dedicated & professional trainer. Highly focused & dependable. Each trainer has a their own style. I wanted to work with Phil because of his ability to work with people recovering from multiple injuries & major health issues. I wanted to have fun & I was ready to work hard. Yet I needed someone who I could trust to understand my limits & regularly challenge me in a way that improved my mobility.  It takes a keen understanding of the body & rehabilitation. He's very knowledgable & creates satisfying workouts that are quiteintense but well designed to prevent injury. He's very creative & no matter what my limits were he Always found me something dynamic that brought me to a new level of strength & ability. He also does group training & is very capable with seasoned athletes. I prefer one on one sessions but I admire the range of what he offers & enjoy the style of his workouts. He's able to work in & out of the gym. In homes or the pool. Whatever the location Phil will help you reach new heights.


Fitness has changed my life and without Phillip I would have never found it. 

It all started about 6 years ago when I got an entry level position at LA Fitness selling gym memberships. I remember thinking to myself, “They wont hire me.. I’m not fit.. I don’t know anything about gyms let alone how to sell a gym membership..” But guess what? They hired me! And I quickly learned how to sell! I still didn’t really know anything about fitness though or how to workout. That’s when I met Phillip. It was his first day training at that gym and I went up and introduced myself. We quickly became good friends. It was hard not to because Phillip was so sweet and genuine, I was drawn to his caring energy. 

One day, he asked me if I wanted him to work me out! I think he had a cancelation that day and I had been seeing the results his clients were getting so my answer was “Hell Yes!” I was never that girl that was in shape, I have asthma and honestly, I just didn’t care.. Our workout was awesome! Not only did Phillip show me that working out can be fun, he showed me how to care about my body and push myself harder EVERY TIME I worked out! I used to be one of those girls that headed straight to the elliptical but he helped me find my love for weight training. He explained every exercise as we did them and even worked out with me sometimes! Each day got harder. Each day I got more sore (and learned to love it) and eventually I got stronger! I went from being a regular, slightly chubby girl to an example for women in the gym and it felt AMAZING! I went from 150lbs and 27% body fat to 128lbs and 18% body fat ENTIRELY because of Phillips workouts and his motivation!  

Eventually I felt prepared enough to venture into the scary land of weights on my own and about a year later became so excited and interested in the world of fitness that I decided to become a personal trainer myself! Now I help others become their best self and I LOVE my job! I still cannot believe that I went from being that girl in high school who would walk the mile in gym class because I didn’t think I could run it to being in the best shape of my life and it is ALL because of the faith in myself that Phillip instilled in me! He still trains me every so often even though I am a professional myself now! 

If you’re thinking about training with Phillip but you’re scared of failing, being sore, or hating it. Imagine your body 100 times stronger, your mind 100 times sharper and your confidence 100 times better! That’s what Phillip will give you. It’s more than a workout, it’s a lifestyle change you WONT regret!

I owe Phillip so much. He even introduced me to the father of my child but that’s a story for another time . . .

Angela Twyman

If you want to test your limits and learn what you are capable of doing Phillip Adler is your guy. I started training with him after having my first child and he helped me achieve more than what my goals were. I felt and looked better than before I got pregnant. I stayed training with him even through my second pregnancy. With his encouragement I stayed active and was able to bounce back even quicker than my first time around. If you think you can’t do something he’ll prove you wrong and you will feel accomplished.

Keyla Santiago

I have been training with Phillip on and off for about six years. This past summer I decided to get serious and consistent with my health and fitness, so I trained three times a week for three months. Going to the gym was always something I enjoyed, but I would go only "when I felt like it" and I wouldn't push myself to my full potential. My diet was terrible, it was not focused on achieving fitness goals. I drank socially. I worked at a bar so my schedule was really backwards. Phillip was the change in my habits that I needed, and honestly he made it an easy transition! Don't get me wrong, there were hard times. The workouts were killer. Super fun, but killer. Not indulging in certain foods was a big struggle, but Phillip was always there to suggest alternatives. We talked about my specific goals and what areas I needed help on. He took the time to work with my schedule, educate me on the importance of clean eating, and suggest new eating habits for me to try. I can say that he truly had my best interest in mind, I turned into a beast! It all eventually became my lifestyle, and even though I've moved away my healthy habits are still in full effect. Even when I want to revert to my old ways, I can't! I've made such a transition with the help of Philthy Fitness that I only want to move forward. When you feel good about the way you look and feel, your life changes. It sounds cliche, but for me it made a world of difference and I am grateful beyond what I can even express. Phillip showed me that through hard work and dedication, anything is possible! Fitness is the goal, but Philthy Fitness ends up being so much more. 

Katrina Graham